About Community for Safe Schools

What We Advocate For

Covid-19 Safety: Ensuring CDC recommendations are followed by our schools and advocating for our community to do everything possible to reduce the spread of COVID-19 so that in-person education can continue without shifting to remote learning. 

Physical Safety: Supporting measures that will keep our schools safe from violence (including but not limited to gun violence, sexual assault and interpersonal physical violence) to ensure that every student experiences a school environment that is safe, supportive and nurturing. 

Social and Emotional Safety: Promoting investments in mental health and social emotional well-being in our schools. Ensuring equity in our schools so students can feel confident that school is a safe place where they can thrive as their authentic selves without fear of bias, discrimination, or bullying.

Our Tactics: 

  • Digital Organizing
    • Community for Safe Schools Facebook Group
    • Campaigning to drive emails to local and state officials on urgent issues related to the safety of our schools
    • Organizing petitions to build support for measures that will make our schools safer. 
  • Communications
    • Submitting Letters to the Editor and when appropriate Opinion Editorials (Op Ed)
    • Connecting parents and teachers affected by gun violence with opportunities to share their stories in the media. 
  • School Board Advocacy
    • Encouraging the community to email and call local school officials and to speak during public comment at school board meetings.
  • Partnerships
    • Engaging in informal and formal partnerships with community organizations and stakeholders to build solidarity across the community to promote safer schools.